Original Compositions

Below is a list of my original works for quick reference.  Please see the “Published Composition”; “4 Tolled” and “Outside the Box Bells” pages for complete descriptions and sound files. 

Air (Appalachian Air). Jeffers Handbell Supply #JHS9064.

Astral Bell.  4 Tolled Publishing #4T50.

BelAyre. High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-046.

Caribbean Canon.  High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-040.

Chaconne.  Composers Music Company #CP7025.

Chorale Prelude.  Jeffers Handbell Supply #JHS9082.

Christmas Reflections. (Commissioned work) Beckenhorst #HB230. (“piece within a piece”).

Contemplation. (Commissioned work) High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-022.

Coronation Fanfare.  Concordia Publishing House #97-6721 & #97-6704. (“piece within a piece”).

Cradled in Thy Loving Arms. 4 Tolled Publishing #4T24.

Divine Office: A Suite for Handbells: 1. Matins 2. Lauds 3. Prime 4. Pilgrimage 5. Vespers

   6. Compline (Commissioned work)  4 Tolled Publishing #4T1 - 4T6.

Echo Fanfare. High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-08-002.

Elegy. Augsburg Fortress #11-10554.

Elysium. (Commissioned work) Above the Line Publishing.

Fanfare for an Uncommon Instrument. (Commissioned work) From the Top Music #20172B (Brass

   quartet) ; #20172 (Handbell choir); #20172-Q (Handbell quartet).

Festive Ring. Tolled Publishing #4T19.

Galliard. 3-5 oct. with optional C Inst. & Percussion. 4 Tolled Publishing.

Indonesian Impressions. High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-019. 

Heaven's Rest.  Hope Publishing #2155.

Jesus the Strength of My Soul. 4 Tolled Publishing #4T25.

Juxtaposition. (Commissioned work)  Laurendale Associates #HB-1080.

Lenten Prayer.  Concordia Publishing House #97-6616.

Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending.  Hope Publishing #2253.  (“piece within a piece”).

Mediævale. (Commissioned work) Laurendale Associates #HB-1056.

Mini Gamelan Suite:  1. Srepegan 2. Sampak 3. Gangsaran (Commissioned work)  4 Tolled Pub.

Morning Suite: 1. Psalm, 2. Pastorale 3. Dance.  Augsburg Fortress #11-10696.

Passacaglia.  (Commissioned work)  National Music Pub. #HB-621.

Perpetual Motion.  (Commissioned work)  National Music Pub. #HB-620.

Ricecare for Recorder Quartet.  4 Tolled Publishing #4T22.

Seven. (Commissioned work) 4 Tolled Publishing.

SoundShards. (Commissioned work) 4 Tolled Publishing.

Spiritus (Avalon). (Commissioned work) From the Top Music #20286-5 & 20286-3.

Sue's Blues.  Above the Line Publishing.

Sue's Blues Too. Above the Line Publishing.

Sue's Blues Three. 4 Tolled Publishing.

Suite for Handbells & Trumpet in the Baroque Style: 1. Trumpet Voluntary 2. Fuguing Tune

   3. Hornpipe 4. Postlude.  Concordia Publishing House #97-6621.

Trilogy. Above the Line Publishing.

A Trumpet Voluntary.  4 Tolled Publishing #4T23; #4T23OR & #4T23FS.

Vortex. Above the Line Publishing.

Zimbelstern. Concordia Publishing House #97-6848.