Original Compositions

Below is a list of my original works for quick reference.  Please see the “Published Composition”; “4 Tolled” and “Outside the Box Bells” pages for complete descriptions and sound files. 

Air (Appalachian Air). Jeffers Handbell Supply #JHS9064.

Astral Bell.  4 Tolled Publishing #4T50.

BelAyre. High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-046.

Caribbean Canon.  High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-040.

Chaconne.  Composers Music Company #CP7025.

Chorale Prelude.  Jeffers Handbell Supply #JHS9082.

Christmas Reflections. (Commissioned work) Beckenhorst #HB230. (“piece within a piece”).

Contemplation. (Commissioned work) High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-022.

Cosmic Baby Shards. (Commissioned work) Composed for Liis Viira’s “Reverbeebi” project that

   premiered in the 2015 “Estonian Music Days” festival.

Coronation Fanfare.  Concordia Publishing House #97-6721 & #97-6704. (“piece within a piece”).

Cradled in Thy Loving Arms. 4 Tolled Publishing #4T24.

Divine Office: A Suite for Handbells: 1. Matins 2. Lauds 3. Prime 4. Pilgrimage 5. Vespers

   6. Compline (Commissioned work)  4 Tolled Publishing #4T1 - 4T6.

Echo Fanfare. High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-08-002.

Elegy. Augsburg Fortress #11-10554.

Elysium. (Commissioned work) 4-Tolled Publishing.

Fanfare for an Uncommon Instrument. (Commissioned work) From the Top Music #20172B (Brass

   quartet) ; #20172 (Handbell choir); #20172-Q (Handbell quartet).

Festive Ring. Tolled Publishing #4T19.

Galliard. 3-5 oct. with optional C Inst. & Percussion. 4 Tolled Publishing.

Heaven's Rest.  Hope Publishing #2155.

Indonesian Impressions. High Meadow Music Pub. #HM-01-019. 

Jesus the Strength of My Soul. 4 Tolled Publishing #4T25.

Juxtaposition. (Commissioned work)  Laurendale Associates #HB-1080.

Lenten Prayer.  Concordia Publishing House #97-6616.

Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending.  Hope Publishing #2253.  (“piece within a piece”).

Mediævale. (Commissioned work) Laurendale Associates #HB-1056.

Mini Gamelan Suite:  1. Srepegan 2. Sampak 3. Gangsaran (Commissioned work)  4 Tolled Pub.

Morning Suite: 1. Psalm, 2. Pastorale 3. Dance.  Augsburg Fortress #11-10696.

Passacaglia.  (Commissioned work)  National Music Pub. #HB-621.

Perpetual Motion.  (Commissioned work)  National Music Pub. #HB-620.

Retro Baby Rap.  (Commissioned work) Composed for Liis Viira’s “Reverbeebi” project that premiered

   in the 2015 “Estonian Music Days” festival.

Relativity. Unpublished

Requiem for Silenced Souls. (Commissioned work) Unpublished.

Ricercare for Recorder Quartet.  4 Tolled Publishing #4T22.

Set Me as a Seal. Unpublished. SATB 21st Century work.

Seven. (Commissioned work) 4 Tolled Publishing.

SoundShards. (Commissioned work) 4 Tolled Publishing.

Spiritus (Avalon). (Commissioned work) From the Top Music #20286-5 & 20286-3.

Sue's Blues.  4-Tolled Publishing.

Sue's Blues Too. 4-Tolled Publishing.

Sue's Blues Three. 4 Tolled Publishing.

Suite for Handbells & Trumpet in the Baroque Style: 1. Trumpet Voluntary 2. Fuguing Tune

   3. Hornpipe 4. Postlude.  Concordia Publishing House #97-6621.

Trilogy. 4-Tolled Publishing.

A Trumpet Voluntary.  4 Tolled Publishing #4T23; #4T23OR & #4T23FS.

Vortex. 4-Tolled Publishing.

Zimbelstern. Concordia Publishing House #97-6848.