Susan T. Nelson

Composer, Clinician, Conductor


In 2013, Nelson was invited to Estonia by Inna Lai, conductor, to attend an “author’s concert” comprised entirely of her compositions. We are pleased to announce that we are bringing Campanelli Handbell Ensemble and the “Sue’s Blues” concert of 2013 to the United States in July 2017. This collaboration will be filmed by Kopli Kinokompanii as a sequel to the 2015 documentary.

An award winning, creative, and prolific composer, Susan is known internationally for her innovative original compositions and ability to write in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to jazz; gamelan to klezmer!

Two of my compositions “Cosmic BabyShards” and “Retro Baby Rap” were accepted by composer/curator, Liis Viira, for her Reverbeebi project for “Estonian Music Days.” It is one of the largest arts festivals in Estonia. This was an unusual project as it involved incorporating recordings Liis collected of babies who were born in Estonia in 2015 during their “Year of Music.”  The World Premieres of works (film, art and music, etc.,) from the 11 participants selected are on display at the "Estonian Museum of Theatre and Music.” 

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