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“Outside the Box Bells” offers free, unique music for your bell choir, as well as a list of my progressive published works.  This not your standard fare - it’s unusual music for the adventurous director & ringer!  Once in awhile, I will put up “normal,” pieces, kid’s music, workshop notes, or instructional materials.   This site will always be “under construction”... check back often as pieces will be rotated with new selections added regularly.  Only PDFs marked  “Permission is granted...” are available for download to use for your ensemble.  All others are under copyright with various publishers.  Please do not distribute the music to other choirs... give them the website address so they can download their own copies!   If you do use some of these pieces, kindly send me an email (sue@susantnelson.com) and let me know.  Recordings of them would be appreciated also! Click HERE for FREE Music


“Susan T. Nelson goes where no one has gone before...”--Cindy Alexander, Overtones.

Listen to “Seven”:


Innovative original published compositions:
“Seven” Piano, synthesizer, available pitched and untuned percussion. ©1979 Susan T. Gilligo (Nelson); adapted 
    for handbell solo, synth., perc., ©2010 Susan T. Nelson. Commission.
“SoundShards” Marimba, prepared piano, handbell solo, tambura, and available percussion. 
    ©2011 Susan T. Nelson. Commission.
“Indonesian Impressions” 5 oct. Imitates the sound of a Javanese gamelan. ©1996 High Meadow #HM-01-019. “Spiritus” (Avalon). 5-7 oct. OR 3-4 oct., both with opt. chimes, flute, bar or wind chimes. ©2011 From 
    the Top Music #20286. Commission. 
“The Divine Office: A Suite for Handbells” An extended “serious” work for 4 oct. of Petit and Fritsen handbells. 
    ©2001 4-Tolled #4T1 - 4T6. Commission.
”Daystar,” a Fantasia based on "O Morning Star" and "Wake, Awake" for 3-4 oct. handbells, handchimes, bar or wind chimes, flute, 2 violins, trombone and jazz piano! 4-Tolled. Commission.
“Fanfare for an Uncommon Instrument” 3 compatible but independent pieces:  4-5 oct., opt. 2 oct. chimes, 2 oct. 
    "alternate bells." #20172; Brass Quartet. #20172B;  Quartet -OR- 3 oct./opt. 2 oct. chimes, 2 oct. alternate bells. 
    #20172-Q.  ©2007 From the Top Music. Commission. 
“Juxtaposition” 5 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes. ©1999 Laurendale #HB-1080.  
“Mediaevale” 3 oct./opt. piccolo (C inst.) & perc. ©2000 Laurendale #HB-1056. Commission.
“Trilogy” 3-5 oct./opt. sop. recorder (C inst.) & electric guitar. New Age. ©2001 4-Tolled Publishing.
“Vortex” 4-6 oct./ optional 2 oct. chimes &/or P&F (alternate) bells. ©2001 4-Tolled Publishing.
“Caribbean Canon” 3-5 oct./opt. Marimba, steel pan (&/or) flute-like inst., percussion & bass guitar. ©2000 High 
    Meadow #HM-01-040
“Sue's Blues” 2 versions: 3-4 oct. chimes/opt. C, Bb or Eb inst., guitar, acoustic bass OR bell solo (3 oct.)/chimes 
    or keyboard. ©2002 4-Tolled Publishing.
“Sue's Blues Too” 3 versions: 3-4 oct. bells, C, Bb or Eb solo inst./opt. guitar & bass, OR bell solo (2 oct.)/accomp. 
    OR jazz ensemble (solo inst./accomp./bass).  ©2004 4-Tolled Publishing.
“BelAyre” 3 oct./opt. flute (C inst.) OR bell solo/piano. (Jazz) High Meadow #HM-01-046.
“Mini Gamelan Suite: 1. Srepegan; 2. Sampak; 3. Gangsaran” 3-5 oct., ©2008, 4-Tolled. Commission. 
“Zimbelstern” 2 oct. (I almost named this “Satellites” as it is really a “New Age” composition masquerading as 
    a conventional bell piece.) ©2000 CPH #97-6848