Antique Whitechapels


I only have one of these so far, but will add pictures/descriptions if I get more.  All Whitechapels are from England (of course!).

George Mears, 1844-1865. This bell has no founder’s marks, designation, or numbers on the casting.   There are lathe marks on the inside, but the outside is polished smooth.  The walls are approximately the same thickness as a modern bell.   The clapper shaft is octagonal, with 3 graduating lines on the ball just above the leather pegs.  The flight is long (1/4” ) and decorated with 2 concentric lines close to the top.  Springs have “reverse C” cutouts with felts attached in the normal manner by wax.  The clapper assembly is held to the rounded staple by a metal cotter pin.  The leather handguard is decorated with “doughnut” circles and clovers (you can see the veins on the leaves!) inside 2 concentric circles that ring the handguard.  The designation is stamped on the “bend” of the leather handle.  Tuning is sharp and matches my WDs.