Deagen Shaker Chimes


Shaker Chimes. (See “Triple Octave Organ Chimes” in the Cowan Collection) Late 1800's-early 1900, J.C. Deagan Co., Chicago, IL.  These chimes are similar in construction to the Indonesian bamboo anklung.  Tuned metal tubes are suspended in an individual frames and each unit produces a different note of the scale.    Shaker chimes were made with 3 or 4 octave notes per frame.  The player shakes the frame to produce the notes.  My chimes were restored by Marlow Cowan, and are a one octave C5-C6 diatonic set... plenty for my choir! There are only approximately 10 sets of shaker chimes left in the world. Click HERE to hear the shaker chimes.

The photos below are courtesy of Mark H. Shour.