Piccolo, Whitechapel Saucer

& Deagan Organ Chimes


All photos and descriptions are courtesy of the Cowans.

Piccolo Bells (sometimes called sheep bells) were made approximately 40 – 50+ years ago.  These are a quality cast brass bell with a beautiful tone.  They resemble musical cowbells, but have a much higher quality of sound.

Saucer Bells were made many years ago by the Whitechapel Bell foundry.  Originally, they were designed to be hung on a rack and played with a mallet like a xylophone.  We adapted 2½ octaves of them by fashioning a handle, attaching a marimba resonator to each bell, and making clappers out of door stopper springs and wooden balls.  They have a truly beautiful, different bell tone.

Triple Octave Organ Chimes:  Extremely rare.  (See Angklung & Shaker chimes) These are a truly beautiful, tube-like pipe instruments with 3 octave notes (Ex.: C5, C6, C7) in each frame. The player shakes them to play the melody and/or accompaniment, much like handbells.  We have a 30 bell chromatic set with the largest being about 4 feet in length.  There were very few sets made by the J.C. Deagan Company in Chicago, and our set was made in 1901!