Montessori Saucer Bells

& Angklung


Montessori Saucer Bells.  These are chromatic chrome plated brass bells on natural or painted (white/black) stands made by Gonzagarredi, Italy.  They do not have clappers and are played with a mallet. The outside of the bell is smooth and the inside has deep lathe grooves.  The fundamental is tuned, but the overtones are wild.  The pitch is somewhat sharp.

Angklung (or anklung).  Indonesian gamelan instrument. New. This particular set is from Java. Two (some have three) bamboo pipes tuned in octaves (Ex. C5, C6) are suspended in a frame and played by shaking. They are usually tuned to a scale (this set is), but sometimes 3 tubes are used per frame and tuned to a chord. They can also be tuned to Indonesian scales such as the slendro scale (5 tone pentatonic) or a 4 note slendro scale (often called the angklung scale - Ex. F#, G#, A#, C#). Scales vary widely from town to town in Indonesia, as does the relationship between the intervals in the scale. This is a 2 octave diatonic set in C. As you can see, they resemble the Deagan Shaker Chimes (also known as Triple Octave Organ Chimes). It is said that J.C. Deagan got the idea for this instrument after he saw the angklung while in Indonesia. Available from Lark in the Morning or Ten Thousand Villages.