Ankeny Cowbells &

Deagan Sheep Bells


Ankeny Musical Cowbells, New, USA. This is a 2 octave chromatic (F4-F6) set of tuned cowbells with leather handles made by Marlow Cowan of CBR Handbell Repair. Cowbells are made of steel sheet metal that is bent into shape with welded seams and then painted copper.  Smaller sets are available also. These are played differently from handbells; the ringer grasps the handle with the bell pointed downwards and shakes it. A different type of tuned cowbell called "Alpine bells" (I do not have these) are available from Lark in the Morning and Venter-Glocken, Germany. A440.

Deagan Sheep (piccolo) Bells, 1930’s-40’s, USA.  Sheep bells resemble cowbells, but they are cast brass instead of fabricated from steel, and therefore much thicker than cowbells (see pic. 8).