antique handBELL Sounds


Bell sound pages will always be Under Construction!

These JenCo pear shaped bells sound very primitive compared to the polished Deagans (above). The clapper is a only a metal ball on a wire, so it is difficult to control.   jenco_deagan.mp3

Chinese temple bells:  chinese_edit.mp3                                       Shaw trebles:  shaw_edit.mp3

Montessori saucer bells:   LV “C” Chord:  saucer_mont_chrd.mp3    

        LV - My “Twas in the Moon of Wintertime”:  saucer_mont_twasmoon.mp3       

NEW!  Recordings of Compositions

I have written extensively for antique or “alternate” bells, so below are links to some sound and video files.  Some are live, others are computer generated (sampled from my bells) but the sound font is pretty good. 

On This Day Earth Shall Ring  (Live, FTT #20166)

"How Firm a Foundation" (Live, Hope #2183). P&F and orchestral bells (tubular)

"Fanfare for an Uncommon Instrument" (FTT #20172) played here by Velocity Handbell Ensemble is a nice study between William Dunn and Malmark bells in the opening processional. It can be played by any combination of alternate bells.  uncommon_live.mp3

“Vortex” (Above the Line Publishing)  Computer generated with P&Fs:  VortexCG PF.mp3

“Live” in contrast, here is Distinctly Bronze East performing the same work on handbells and chimes:  vortex_live.wma

"Nativity Carol" (computer generated, CPH #97-7064) P&Fs in the beginning and around 2:05.

"Whispering Hope" (computer generated, Sassafras #SPHB-13)

Divine Office, A Suite for Handbells (4 Tolled #4T1 - #4T6) played entirely on P&F bells.

1. “Matins” MatinsPF.mp3

  1. 2.“Lauds" video

  2. 3.“Prime” PrimePF.mp3 

4. “Pilgrimage” PilgrimPF.mp3

  1. 5.“Vespers” performed on P&F bells and MM chimes by the Ringers of Bryn Mawr.

6. “Compline” ComplinePF.mp3


Below are some recordings I made years ago on my laptop at home. I did not have a studio or proper recording equipment, but these MP3s will give you an idea of the sound of the bells. Sorry for the background noise  and mallet “thunks!”

Here’s my final project for my Digital Audio graduate class.  It’s a brief history and description, along with recordings of the antique bells.  Disclaimer:  this project was completed before re-release of Schulmerich’s Silver Melody Bells.      NelsonFinalProject3.mp3

I made these recordings in the studio during class.  The WAV files were too big to post, so I converted them to MP3s.  There is some loss, but they still sound pretty good.  

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Deagan “Pear” bells:  03Deagan Pear2Aud.mp3

Deagan Shaker Chimes:  02Shaker Chimes DeaganAud.mp3

William Dunn:   01WDunnsAud.mp3

Petit & Fritsen:  04PFAud.mp3

Silver Melody Bells:  06SMBAud.mp3

Whitechapel Cup Bells:  07CupBellsAud.mp3

Schulmerich Antique Chimes:  08AntChimesAud 1.mp3