2ih, 4ih, Octo Melody Bells


All photos and descriptions are courtesy of the Cowans.

2-in-Hand Bells:  Late 1880's-Early 1940's, Mayland Foundry, Brooklyn, NY. Extremely rare. Eight handbells are fashioned with 2 bells on each handle, made to play a diatonic scale.

4-in-Hand Bells:  1 octave diatonic set of Trusonic handbells.  There are 4 bells on each handle, made to play a “C” scale.  Early 1960’s, American. Click HERE to see my set of 4-in-hand bells.

Octo Melody Bells: Early 1960’s, USA.  Rarest of the rare – only 2 sets known to exist.  These unique, one of a kind bells were made by Benard Mason (Trusonic) of Glendale California.  Trusonic was the 3rd handbell foundry in the United States, following Mayland and Deagan, and predating Schulmerich and Malmark.  Octo melody bells have a “perfect octave” overtone which produces a lovely tone.  They are played by shaking instead of ringing like a handbell.